Virtual/Workshop ‘How to grow your own mushroom’ in 2hrs coming your way soon!


What you’ll learn….

  • Mushroom Grower vs Mushroom Nanny
  • Mushroom World starter kit vs the rest
  • The life cycle of mushroom in 4 stages
  • The living conditions of mushroom
  • How to prep your Mushroom World starter kit


  1. Mushroom World starter kit 1 set is included
  2. Virtual Tour of Mushroom World
  3. Max. 20 pax



Feedback and Experiences from our Team with Mushroom World’s growing kits.

Before we had your lesson on 20th/Nov ’20, our knowledge on Mushrooms growing was very shallow and everything was just based on our read-up and watching videos from any available media.

After the talk and lesson from Liam, we started to know (first time) how to mix and prepare the substrates for the growing bags using Mushroom World’s (MW) growing kits.

Soon, we prepared all the bags as per his instructions and after about 4 weeks, most of the bags were colonized by the mycelium and the first fruiting was experienced one week before Christmas day. Thereafter, all other bags also started to flush one after another.

This process continues and to date, we have experienced fourth flushes. In writing this feedback, a few bags have started its fifth flush, though the petals were not as big as it was originally. This was probably the bags were losing more nutrients than expected. We have also noticed that there was an estimated of about 10 days between every flush and fruiting.

Due to such a high level of confidence in the growing kits from MW, we have purchased another batch of growing kits from MW in early Feb 2021.

We have to say Thanks to Liam for his patience in his detailed guidance to us throughout the process of preparing, growing, and “nannying” the bags in all the fruitings.

Thank you once again!


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