Whole Dried Lingzhi – Trilogy Pack


A pack of 3 of our top-grade dried Lingzhi direct from Mushroom World’s farm.
Includes ‘Double lin’ (double pack) and Lin7 (single lingzhi pack)
Total length of 3 lingzhi: 19cm


A red-varnished, kidney-shaped Lingzhi that gives it a distinct appearance. When fresh, our skin is soft and flat. The Lingzhi are grown in our own GAP-certified farm dried to preserve its benefits for a longer time.

– Help the spleen and lungs
– Helps to reduces high blood pressure
– Can relief aches, joint pain, and gout
– Nourishes the nervous system
– Helps with insomnia, dizziness, anorexia
– Helps treat stomach and intestinal ulcers
– Maintains and restore liver function
– A diuretic, and can help treat lower urinary tract diseases
– Strengthesn kidney function
– Helps to reduce menstrual pain
– May help sexual dysfunction issues

Caution: Lingzhi stimulates the immune system and should never be taken by those who are on immunosuppressant drugs.

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