‘We grow, You harvest’ programme (Lion Mane)


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We Pledge:

  • 3 Lion Mane harvest per fruiting bag.
  • 2 months of delicate nurture and care in our S’Biotic fruiting chamber.
  • Provide guidance when you are doing the harvesting.
  • 200-250g combine weight of 3 harvested Lion Mane per fruiting bag.

*This programme has a minimum purchase of 5 fruiting bags in order to proceed. All sales are final and non-refundable*


Why is our fungi-based meat especially Lion Mane so hot right now?

There are several positive key attributes that point to fungi-based meat alternative that is very appealing to B2B & B2C right now.

They are as follow:

Sustainable production: Require less energy and water as compare to animal farming.
Smart growth: Vertical mushroom cultivation also require less land space as compare to soil-based agriculture.
Nutrient-rich & Nutraceutical: Apart from being nutritional, nutraceutical is also defined Lion Mane a food that provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease. And of course, they are gluten & cholesterol free.

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