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Mushroom World 100% Pure Lingzhi (Human Grade)

The Best Lingzhi supplement.

Top reasons to feed Lingzhi to your dog and cat



What Lingzhi Do?

Unlike many other medicinal herbs, there’s a lot of clinical research on Lingzhi medicinal properties.
These are some of those properties:

  1. Immune system support – Research shows lingzhi can support the immune system to fight cancer.
  2. Anti-inflammatory – help prevent and even reverse cognitive decline. They can also help manage aging joint issues like arthritis.
  3. Protect the liver – From radicals that can slow down liver function. In a study on rats, lingzhi reversed liver fibrosis. This is the final stage of fatty liver disease and is usually not treatable. Caution: if your dog already has severe liver disease, talk to your vet before giving lingzhi
  4. Support kidney health – improve removal of key protein-related waste products.
  5. Relieve allergies – can reduce allergy symptoms like itching and difficulty breathing.
  6. Anti-cancer – early intervention can prevent surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy.
  7. Prevent heart disease – a general tonic for the cardiovascular system., improving blood supply and oxygen delivery to the heart.

The benefits of lingzhi make them a potent supplement to support your pet’s health in many ways.

For dogs and cats, it’s best to start slow to avoid any digestive upset.

Lingzhi shouldn’t be combined with blood-thinning drugs. Avoid giving lingzhi to pregnant or lactating females.

How To Feed lingzhi To Your Dog and Cat
Lingzhi tastes bitter. So, the best way to give them to your dog and cat is usually in capsules.

Note: If you do want to give your dog a whole lingzhi, be sure to cook them thoroughly. Making tea or soup is a good way to feed fresh or dried lingzhi.

Recommended Dosage Daily (250mg capsule)

Base on the weight of dog and cat:

>15kg – 1 capsule for maintenance. 2-3 for recovery

<15kg – 2 capsules for maintenance. 3-4 for recovery


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