At Mushroom World, our aim to spread the love and joy of mushrooms.

We started Mushroom World with the desire to gather a community of mushroom lovers to exchange experience and teach enthusiasts how to produce their own mushrooms from cultivation to processing, with no sophisticated tech required.

Our mission is to simplify the process for any apprentice and show how easy and fun it can be to have your own little mushroom farm using sustainable practices. Planning to grow mushrooms for your personal consumption, or as hobby or with a profitable business in mind? We’ve got you covered!

We have developed a series of educational farm tours and intensive mushroom growing trainings - there's something for everybody!

Farm Walk @ Phuket

Have a leisurely walk in our working mushroom farm where we will take you through the whole process of growing these wonderful, tasty morsels!

- Families with young children
- Groups of friends looking for a day out
- Curious minds wanting to know where your food comes from
- People looking for something different

DURATION: 30 minutes

Entry Fee: B650

*Free entry for child under 3 years old

*Be the 1st to taste our fungi-based burger & a shot of

our sizzling chill Reishi kombucha all for Free!

Farm Xperience @ Phuket

This full, in-depth class is led by one of our passionate founder who will share with you what it takes to run a mushroom farm! You can expect a comprehensive view of the requirements, dedication, and must-do’s that a mushroom cultivation specialist must have!

Who knows, you might even be able to try your hand at culturing live tissue from a mushroom, to start the new mushroom life cycle!

- 'Fungifingers' who want to start growing a steady supply of mushrooms at home

- People who appreciate healthy living and eating

- Gardeners who wish to learn more tips and tricks for Organic Gardening

- People who believe in eating right

- People who want to reduce Toxic food and a Toxic LifeStyle

- Nature lovers who wish to get back to nature

DURATION: 6 hours

Course Fee: B3500

Minimum 6 pax to start a class

'In everday life, the development of life skills helps'

Want to have a sustainable source of nutrition, right inside your home? Need to get a head-start on mushroom cultivation? Our 1-day training option is perfect to cover all the loose ends between theory and practice! We’ve put together an easy to follow and practical guide to ensure the success of your first harvest.

The course will involve group activities and individual practice as well as some theoretical study of the fungi world. Participants will get the first-hand experience of the materials, tools, and techniques involved in the processes of mushroom cultivation that we use here at Mushroom World, both in the lab and in the field. Our instructors began their journeys in growing fungi with simple DIY home cultivation techniques and as such, this aspect of accessible technology is referred to throughout the course.

Find out how Mushroom World can help you through our specialized training today!

• What is a mushroom, Plant or Fungi?
• Why You Should Eat Mushrooms
• Mushroom Nanny vs Mushroom Growers
• Types of mushrooms you can grow
• 4 Steps Process in Mushroom Cultivation
• Do’s & Don’ts When Growing Mushrooms

- Light Refreshments included

- People who want to learn how to grow mushrooms at home.
• People who appreciate healthy living and eating.
• Gardeners who wish to learn more tips and tricks for Organic Gardening
• People who dream of having their own Edible Mushroom Farm
• People who want to reduce Toxic food and a Toxic LifeStyle

DURATION: 7 hours

Course Fee: In SGD198

MAXIMUM 14 per class

'A mushroom farm is not just a pretty place, it is a business'

At Mushroom World, we help you develop towards a proficient mushroom cultivator to ensure quality and ease of work. A mushroom growing business can mean big profits in just a few weeks - with the right know-how. Our specialized intensive training will help you develop a full-grown profitable business and will develop you into a successful mushroom grower in no-time.

Learn all the tips and tricks we keep up our sleeves and apply them to your cultivation to ensure a successful harvest every time.

All our training is delivered to a high standard, covering everything from the preparation stage of a farm, the mushroom culture, all the way to harvest.

Find out today how we can help you develop an exciting and rewarding business path!

• How to prepare the mushroom medium
- Selection of tissue culture
- Growing mushrooms, from start to harvest
- Packaging Process
- Where and how to sell your mushrooms
- How to increase the mushrooms' lifespan
- Creating a sustainable process
- Causes of issues & solutions
- Getting your farm licensed and meeting standards
- Collecting data & records

- Boarding at Mushroom World Phuket Farmstay (shared room)
- Meals and Light Refreshments included
- 2-way pickup/drop-off from Phuket International Airport
* Upgrade to Single Room stays subject to availability and additional charges


- People who want to learn how to grow mushrooms as an entrepreneur.

- People who want to learn how to grow mushrooms as a career.

- People who dream of having their own edible mushroom farm

- Sustainable warriors thinking of investing in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of mushroom farming

DURATION: 16 hours

Course Fee: SGD$2500

LIMITED TO 4 STUDENTS AT A TIME, to ensure the best, in-depth learning experience