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Freshness Lingzhi

Can Freshness be bought?

Yes, freshness can be bought when you grow All Natural

Always thinking of growing Lingzhi aka G.Lucidum but somehow never got started

» Mushroom World will grow them from fresh to you

» Every step of the way… From Production to Inoculation to Management and you will be told of the progress

» All lingzhi are Tag

Your Safety Is Our Priority

» We’re G.A.P certified

» Uses Premium Quality Raw materials (Commercial-grade)

» 100% pesticide-free

» Produced With The Highest Quality In Mind

» Inoculation grains are certified DOA Thailand


Our Belief

Everyone Deserves A Good Health

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Truth will prevail

» You know what we grow

» We create and preserve freshness for you

» Predictable conditions on growth and development

» Highly trained qualified grower

» 3 Bioactive parts of Lingzhi are intact (Fruiting body, Germanium & Spores)

Everyone Deserves A Good Health