Be a Sponsor

Mushroom World minimizes the social impact of needy family through mushroom cultivation development.

By accelerating sponsorship growth, the benefits and impact of needy family lives are greatly increased.

Sponsors become an agent of impact by funding a needy family active participation in Mushroom World “200 Mushroom Bags Program”.

“200 Mushroom Bags Program”

Often, families relying on food donations and charity supports that can barely last by the end of the 4th week. The Mushroom World “200 Mushroom Bags Program” allows the needy family to earn a steady income daily at the time of utmost crucial to them.

Mushroom World will facilitate to identify the needy family to be sponsored with 200 mushroom bags that provides them with basic life necessities during difficult times. Recipient families are vetted by Mushroom World before 200 mushroom bags are provided. Or, YOU, the sponsor can inform Mushroom World to send the 200 mushroom bags to family in need.

Mushroom World will provide the tools, infrastructure, professional support, and mushroom training to the needy family.

Sponsoring a needy family can be a meaningful way to teach empathy and caring because offering an opportunity to earn a livelihood is such a concrete way to give. It is also a great multigenerational activity for grandparents and grandchildren to do together. Children can also learn about mushroom growing through Science.

Individuals or Families can Sponsor a Family in Need.
Sponsoring a family in need is easy with a purchase of 200 mushroom bags to get them started on the road of self-sustainability. Mushroom World will match the sponsorship by giving training to the needy family. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Choose a needy family
Choose a needy family or a Primary School you’d like to help which has been vetted by Mushroom World.
All it takes is a ONE-TIME minimum of SGD$500 for needy families or SGD$1000 for school that will pay for their basic life necessities every month.

All funds are used for tools, infrastructure, professional support, and mushroom training.

Step 2: Complete an electronic payment
Account Owner: Mushroom World Pte Ltd
Bank Account 713131191001
After you complete your sponsorship payment, send an email to [email protected] with your name and address and TRANSACTION DETAILS. Or WhatsApp +6590267911 or Line ID isign118 the TRANSACTION DETAILS after payment has been made.

What is Mushroom World “200 mushroom bags program”?
Mushroom World is a commercial entity running a mushroom farm in Thailand, Phuket. We believe that by bring mushroom growing knowledge and skills to the needy family can provide them with basic life necessities every month or during difficult times. Mushroom World mission is to connect families with more to profoundly poor, mainly rural families with much less. Mushroom World believes that with your SPONSORSHIP together we can provide them an OPPORTUNITY, a LIVELIHOOD that gives the needy family an OWNERSHIP in mushroom growing.

How do you decide which families need the most help?
Working together with Local outreach organization, we identify families for sponsorship; families must live under the poverty line in order to meet the poverty criteria established by local outreach organizations.