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Our Founder, Liam began his journey into the cultivation of mushrooms after witnessing how mushrooms were cultivated. The experiences captivated and motivated him to delve deeper into the “WORLD OF MUSHROOM”. That is how the name of the company “MUSHROOM WORLD” is born.

While growing mushrooms in the region, we found a gap of traceability in which one could find the source of where their mushrooms are coming from. We want to inject the farm-to-table vision into these nutritional bites of nature as well. Not only will you know where your mushrooms come from, but you'll also be able to walk through our farm to see how we grow, harvest, and deliver the top quality Lingzhi and other edible mushrooms right to your doorstep.

Liam plans to develop the woodlands of Mushroom World into an example of bio-ecosystem and applied mycology.

Ministry of Agriculture, Thailand

G.A.P. for food crops, KU 9001 -2013

Kert Certification Code 03-9001-38489735422

Approval date 28 November 2019

GMP Accreditation

Approval date 2 April 2021

Thai Food and Drug Administration

Food Safety Number 10-1-05061-5-0074

Approval date 2 April 2021

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