About us

We are GAP certified!

You know what they say – you either love mushrooms or you need to acquire better food taste. Actually, we invented this quote. As you can easily guess, we are mushroom lovers and some years ago we decided to start growing our own. That’s how Mushroom World was born.

There is a growing demand for exotic high-quality mushrooms and the great news is that they are very easy to grow. Add the satisfaction of nurturing something on your own and the profit opportunities – all of these should be enough to motivate you to start your own mushroom farm.

We’ve started Mushroom World with the desire to gather a community of mushroom lovers to exchange experience and teach enthusiasts how to produce their own mushrooms from cultivation to processing, with no sophisticated tech required.

Our mission is to simplify the process for any apprentice and show how easy and fun it can be to have your own little mushroom farm using sustainable practices.
Do you plan to grow mushrooms for your personal consumption, as hobby or with a profitable business in mind? We’ve got you covered. Just remember: love your mushrooms and your mushrooms will love you back.